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* Will be socially distanced *

Format: 45-minute small group conversation led by an expert on the topic.

Attendees are invited to share their opinions and perspectives throughout the discussion to ensure an interactive environment. These talks will be streamed so virtual attendees will be able to watch as well.

Topics Include:

  • Value Based Payment Models and Related Transactions (Sold Out)
  • Unicorns: can anyone define an MSO?
  • Building Scale vs. Buying Scale in Healthcare Services Investments (Sold Out)
  • Cybersecurity Issues in Healthcare
  • Creating Value From Financial Due Diligence (Sold Out)
  • Bridge financing to VC event: structuring tactics to help the growing company (Sold Out)
  • Cryptocurrencies in Healthcare (Sold Out)
  • Healthcare Reps and Warranties in Medical Acquisitions
  • Getting Deals Done; The use of risk management products to facilitate transactions
  • The Rise of Community and Home-Based Care (Sold Out)
  • Data Driven Approaches: Growth Initiatives for Retail/Multi – Site/De Novo
  • Innovations in Digital Health (Sold Out)
  • Payor Contract Management – Hospital and Physician Opportunities