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Discussion on Life Science, Venture Capital, and Innovation:
JJ Asarch, Parag Rathi, Cheryl Strom, Patrick O’Keefe, Patrick Shevelson
From the Surgical Suite to the C-Suite: An Intimate Conversation with Dr. Toby Cosgrove:
Jeffrey Wahl & Dr. Toby Cosgrove
Morning Panel: Discussion on Healthcare Deal Activity:
Neil Johnson, Tom McMahon, Monika Brown, Mark Cherney
Foyer Area for In-Between Sessions
Insights into the Capital Markets: A Healthcare Perspective:
Michael Goletz, Rob Misener, Reed Van Gorden, David Opalek, Donald Beckman
Company Presentation – Ross Youngs
Neil Johnson & Chris Luckett at The Memorial Golf Tournament
Data, Data, Data:
Rosalyn Ryan, Brian Allen, Sonja O’Malley, Alex Vaillancourt, Doug Goldstein
The Great Consolidation of Dentistry Through DSOs:
Brian Colao, David Thoni, Barry Deirmenjian, Gareth Petsch
Buy, Build, Sell: Post-Acute Including Mental & Behavioral Health:
Bradley Bonde, Josh Sleeper, Nick Berry, Varun Mahajan
Morning Panel:
Neil Johnson, Thong Le, John Bass, Michael Triplett, Anthony Manna