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TWIG 2, a volunteer organization that supports Nationwide Children’s Hospital, is proud to be affiliated with On Our Sleeves®, the movement for children’s mental health powered by the experts at Nationwide Children’s.

We are in a national crisis: 1 in 5 children is living with a mental illness and 50% of lifetime mental illness presents before the age of 14. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people. And because children don’t wear their thoughts on their sleeves, we need to give them a voice.

On Our Sleeves is the national movement to break stigmas around children’s mental health. No family should struggle alone on their journey. Our mission is to provide free mental health educational resources to every community in America to educate families and empower advocates. We also support access to services by connecting families to trusted local resources.

We invite you to learn more at and to join us with your support, please donate directly here.

About Twig 2

Twig 2 was established in 1890 when a small sewing circle of women felt that Columbus needed a charity hospital, so they held a tea and fair to raise money at the home of Mrs. James Kilbourne. Together this group of women raised $125, which was placed in a bank account. This money would later serve as a start for the necessary funds to establish a hospital in Columbus for sick children regardless of their race, creed, or ability to pay. On February 1st, 1894 Children’s Hospital was built consisting of nine beds and was located where Franklin Park South is today. Throughout the years, Nationwide Children’s Hospital has grown into a state-of-the-art facility offering care to many children nationwide.
Over one hundred years after it’s start, Twig 2 continues its legacy of being a dedicated group of women meeting and working together for the benefit of Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Our current group of fifty active members meet monthly to raise money for the hospital with events such as Hearts for Twig a Meyers Jewelers shopping fundraiser, Mother’s Day Flower Sale, and a golf and tennis outing called Party on the Green. Since 1887, Twig 2 has donated over millions of dollars to support Children’s Hospital and continues its mission to this day.