In-person & virtual attendees can schedule for meetings through the Conference Solutions platform!

The scheduling/virtual portal is NOW OPEN and you can start to request meetings with other attendees, virtually or in-person!

Please use the link below, read the instructions, and log into the appointment system at the bottom of the page:

*To register your account, click “First Time Logging In” use the email you used to register for the event*

Please keep in mind that not all features and attendees are on the platform yet. 

Those attending virtually, will visit the virtual ballroom for the morning and lunch sessions and links will be provided in the agenda for the break-out sessions. Everyone can also use the virtual ballroom as a place to meet for your meetings.

*If anyone runs into an error when logging in: It is most likely because you haven’t registered yet or because your information hasn’t been uploaded to the platform yet. Check back tomorrow if you registered today.*

If you already set up your account for the portal, you can access it at :
leco Event (